Lavender Angustifolia blends kit a natural anxiety and stress relief and a self-care regimen
Self-care tips that goes along with the Mindtox 14 days kit

Mindtox Tea 14 Days Kit - Natural Anxiety relief

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Simple 3 steps to achieve a calmer you in 14 days:

A cup of our Morning tea blend with breakfast  / Calming herbs to start the day a little boost to get you going

A cup of our Afternoon tea blend / Goes great with lunch or gatherings with loved ones!

A cup of our Evening tea blend as desired before bed / Helps you calm and sleep well - a great way to finish your day! Perfect for a cold Lavender lemonade on a hot day!

To achieve best results pair your Lavender Blend teas with recommended stress management exercises from your 14 days Stress Management E-book 

Morning Tea: Fights anxiety, improves skin health, freshens your breath, Vitamin C boost, Boosts alertness, protects teeth from bacteria, anti-inflammatory.

Afternoon Tea:  Reduces anxiety, boosts immunity, digestive aid, relieves pain, caffeine-free

Evening Tea:  Reduces anxiety, may lower blood pressure, fights insomnia, muscle relaxant, improves sleep quality.

Ingredients: Morning Blend – Lavender Angustifolia, Chrysanthemum, ginger, lemon balm, lemon peel, orange peel, white tea, cornflowers  (some caffeine)

Afternoon Blend – Lavender Angustifolia, hibiscus, royboss, rosehip, rosebuds (Caffeine Free)

Evening Blend–,
Lavender Angustifolia, lemongrass, chamomile, cornflowers, butterfly pea (Caffeine-free)



Instructions:  Each tea blend has its own blending instructions - you may follow this or blend tea to your personal preferences.

There is also our Tea blending tutorial video available here: