About Us


We’re on a Mission:



We believe that it is about time for you to take a little bit of time out each day to hit the reset button, kick back, and relax even with your busy schedule.


That’s why the Mindtox Tea 14 days (a product we created) is made with one goal in mind: to make you feel less stress, relaxed, pampered and happier even with no time - because you deserve it.


 Meet Adriana:


Back in 2017 – Adriana Dibbin invented a simple lavender tea base regimen designed to help people fight stress & anxiety.

After feeling the weight and how disheartening
her own struggle with anxiety/depression was, she searched for solutions.  She was able to find the need for self-care. Often, she would find this self-care solution through spas that she visited around the world. Fitting self-care into our busy lifestyles, is not easy  but Adriana took this challenge to find out a way to fit self-care into our active lives.

She continues to design at-home and on-the-go solutions so we may fit this feeling of self-care into our busy lifestyles. Using all natural/organic ingredients.
A passionate entrepreneur and mental health Advocate, Adriana leads the LUSHLAV team in Toronto, ON.

Our Products:


When it comes to keeping calm on-the-go and at home, our LUSHLAV Lavender tea blends were specifically hand-picked to meet your needs morning, afternoon and night time.


The three-step program combines a Morning, afternoon and Evening Mindtox products as well as relaxation, DIY home spa, workplace wellness, and mindfulness tips to achieve the blissfully rejuvenating experiences you have been looking for.

*All of our products are Made in Canada from the highest quality herb and extracts.