5 Quick Stress Relievers You Can Do at Work

5 Quick Stress Relievers You Can Do At Work

The negative impact that stress can have on your mental health and body can be very serious if you don’t take action to fight the damaging outcomes.  There are long-term solutions such as healthy lifestyle activities (i.e. Yoga and exercise) but there are often times that you will require a quick stress reliever for that difficult moment in time.

Where we spend most of our time (our work), we find ourselves in need of quick stress relievers especially on those challenging days where we face a rise in pressure. Maybe you have a big presentation coming up or need to meet a tight deadline.  Using an at-work solution to calm down before your call or presentation could be what hinges on meeting your goal.

Here are 6 quick stress relievers you can do at work:

1 -  Take deep breaths

Great breathing technique you can easily use at your desk or on the go:

Pursed lipped breathing – Key thing here is how you exhale – you will purse your lips which will force your exhale to be slower. Inhale for 4 seconds. Exhale for 4 seconds *with pursed lips*

Although this technique is very simple, it should be practice 4 – 5 times a day until becomes second nature.

By taking consistent, deep breaths, you can calm the central nervous system, which has a relaxing effect on your entire body. This can help reduce stress and anxiety.

2- Calming Meditation – (1 Minute)

If you are feeling anxious, or agitated use one-minute meditation to calm your mind and body. Breathing slowly and repeating the phrases to yourself will bring about deep inner peace and greater feelings of well-being. As you listen just be aware of your breath and breathe fully and freely, slowly and rhythmically. 

This is a free solution that is always available - here is the audio link: http://www.fragrantheart.com/cms/free-audio-meditations/relaxation/1min-calming


3 – Take a Nap

Take a daytime break. 15 /30 minutes max

Find yourself a nice quiet space such as an un-used office room or even if the weather is nice to find a nice place outside under a tree perhaps.  You could also bring a nice lawn chair to have a nice short nap while you enjoy the fresh air. Try also to find a place where you are unlikely to be disturbed.  The best time is recommended to do this nap after you have had your lunch (typically around 1 – 2 pm).  Everyone’s schedule varies so choose the timing that works with your daily schedule


4 – Stay organized

Keeping a clean office and car can give you a great start to your day and reduce your stress more than you may think. An untidy mess can lead to unnecessary stress when you are unable to find an item you may need “right now.” Having an excess of clutter in your office space can definitely lead to extremely stressful situations. Take the time each day to maintain your office cleanliness and keep it in a state in which you can truly feel at peace in.


5 – Look out of a window or take a break outside

Focus your mind on anything other than what’s is stressing you out. Take yourself on a mental break grab cup of a tea and find a quiet space. Appreciate your surroundings, clouds, birds, nature, etc and allow yourself to daydream for a few minutes.  The point of this is to shut down your mind to those stressful though and “get out” for a few minutes.